Oh, hi!

posted on: 9.14.2015

Hey there strangers! Long time no talk. I know, I know the silent streak is entirely my fault, but I hope to make clear in today's post that our mini break-up was about me, not you. Real original.

It has been approximately 5 months since I have posted on MJB. I think that may be my personal record since I entered the blogosphere in 2011. In truth, I thought I was finished for good. There was no logic to my disappearance. I was simply sick of blogging. Blogging became a chore, no different than emptying the dishwasher or dusting. My passion and creativity went straight to my art and I felt that if I no longer liked blogging, why do it? However, I wasn't convinced that I could say goodbye forever, so I just left. I did not create a farewell post, I made no comments on my Instagram about my blog, I just stopped blogging.

You may be thinking, well why start now? Because, guys, I miss this place! MJB has been my virtual diary for years and without it part of my existence has dissipated. Dramatic? Yes. An exaggeration? No. But to prevent myself from having another M.I.A. episode I am self-assigning a new rule: There are no rules!

Hence forth I may or may not talk fashion, DIYs could make appearances, but no promises, I will likely discuss my art, but maybe not every Friday, and I will no longer post to schedule. What?! No schedule!? That's like blogging suicide! Yeah I realize, but I've also come to the conclusion that major blogging fame and success is not why I am here. Basically this blog will be a fluid space with some of my regurgitated thoughts and a collection of narratives that make up ma vie. What I promise will remain is my honesty, oh and pictures of my pug.

Sheesh, that was tough. I am seriously rusty. I hope I haven't lost you cuties for good. If I have... I'll hunt you down in the comment section of your blog. You'll be forced to find your way back to my page, there's no escape! #halfkidding

Missed you. xoxo


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  2. Happy that you're back! Amazing picture and i love your cute dog!

  3. I recently took a LONG hiatus from my blog as well. Your honesty about the subject is refreshing and well received. Sometimes people just get tired. If you do anything long enough it starts to simply become a chore. Glad to see you back :)