Pregnancy Questionnaire

posted on: 2.15.2016

When I became pregnant I had intended on writing blog updates with those ever popular pregnancy questionnaires. Clearly that never happened. With my baby shower this week I figured I probably should document at least one blip in my 40 week journey, so here we go!

How far along? 32 weeks and 3 days

How big is baby? Around 19 in and 3 lbs, although I bet this little one is closer to 4 or 5 :)

Total weight gain/loss: I told the nurse to quit telling me over a month ago haha.

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah, not sure how I will ever go back to generic button down pants.

Sleep: Tiredness and pregnancy are best friends. This trimester I do not sleep through the night. Between potty breaks and sore hips I wake up every few hours. I also forgot what sleeping in felt like.

Best moment this week: When the baby chose my belly button as a point of contact and I watched it as it rose and descended into an inverted state.

Movement: For a while it felt like someone was doing jumping jacks non-stop. Now the baby moves in intervals, but still a lot.

Food cravings: Sugar! My most constant pregnancy craving has been tart fruit (still is), but these days my sweet tooth is appalling.

Food Aversions: Not really. However, during the first trimester I had a really hard time with dairy.

Gender: Great question! We are waiting to find out, although I think we're having a boy :).

Pregnancy Symptoms: Do you really want me to start whining? Better question: what symptom don't I have?

Belly Button in or out? Out, that thing popped around month 4.

What I miss: My body! I miss being in shape and real exercise. I never thought I'd say this but I can't wait to diet and run again!

What I am looking forward to: Lots. Meeting my baby, finding out its gender, introducing my baby to the ocean, so many things... oh and dieting haha.

Upcoming appointments/events:  I am now visiting the doctor every 2 weeks, I will see her on Wednesday. And as I mentioned my baby shower is this weekend!

Wedding Rings: We parted ways mid-January.

Mood: Tired, excited, irritable.

Wisdom: Pregnancy is a very personal experience. Do you.

PS: Excuse my dirty mirror, I blame the bump. My catch all for all oversights.


  1. Exciting! I just had my second a couples weeks ago - 32 weeks, you're getting close! Good luck with everything!!


  2. Such an exciting time. Enjoy every minute :)
    xo Kate

  3. Michaela!! Congratulations again on your pregnancy, can't believe how fast it's going! Well guess what? I'm also pregnant at 23+ weeks ;) good luck to us both, hugs!!

  4. Aw, I bet you can't wait to have your baby! Such exciting time


  5. Congrats mamma! You're in the home stretch! Savor your sleep as much as you can! And enjoy all the sweets. You deserve them!


    Taffeta & Tulips

  6. Great answers! I wish you all the best!

    ♘ ♘

  7. Awww this is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you and your new loved one! Great questionnaire, your answers are so funny haha!
    xx Annie

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  9. Stunning! Congrats beautiful!

    Lots of love.


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